Tidings From The East

I hope this message finds all of you enjoying a prosperous new year. For the lodge, 2023 started out with quite the celebration. We had an outstanding turnout for the installation of officers, with so many brothers and families who attended the reception that the dining hall ran out of places to sit. Luckily, we did not run out of food, and nobody left hungry. A special thanks goes to the Athena Assembly Rainbow Girls for their hard work in keeping the serving table stocked with food and for cleaning up afterwards. It was quite the task considering how many people were there.

Unfortunately, the Nebraska weather is making sure that we don’t forget how fickle it can be. Despite having to cancel and reschedule degrees due to inclement weather, the officers regularly meet on Tuesday nights to prepare for and learn their new positions. These round table practices have been focused on the Master Mason degree, and despite how starting out in a new position may feel like drinking from a fire house, the brothers have readily stepped up to the challenge. Bellevue Lodge is certainly lucky to have brothers that are so dedicated to learning the craft.

Much like January, February is shaping up to be another eventful month. Our monthly business meeting will be held as usual on the first Wednesday of the month, 1 February. The first weekend of the month is the Nebraska Grand Lodge annual communication, scheduled from 2 February to 4 February. All voting members are eager to represent Bellevue Lodge. Non-voting members are also encouraged to attend as well. All that is required to participate is to be a Master Mason and to have a valid and current dues card. So, if you haven’t done so already, please pay your annual lodge dues as soon as possible so that you will be eligible to attend. Grand Lodge Annual Communication is an experience all its own and a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with brothers from around the state.

After Grand Lodge, we will be jumping right back into the swing of things with our regular Fellow Craft degree practices on Tuesdays. We have several brothers that are eagerly awaiting the continuation of their journeys in masonry. Hopefully, mother nature will be more accommodating this month.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you this year as Master of the Lodge. I wish everyone a safe and warm February.

W.M. Bill Zipse

A Note From The Desk Of The Secretary

My bags are packed and I’m ready for the 166th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska on Feb 2 thru Feb 4, 2023. Always a good time. I would love to see a large congregation of Bellevue Lodge members and family there to support the installation of Grand Lodge Officers. I am also very honored to be serving as the Grand Historian for M.W.B. John Millington in 2023. Also joining the Grand Lodge Officers this year is W.B. Mo Krishna as Personal Representative of the Grand Master, and M.W.B. Jim Carlton will be stepping back in as Grand Chaplin.

The 2023 officers have been working very hard on degree proficiency and will continue the long tradition of lodge proficiency. It is great to see these young men progress on their masonic journey. I also want to thank all the newer Brethren who have stepped up and are learning parts in our degree work. This takes some of the burden off our seasoned Brethren and reduce the dependent on them to repeatedly support our degree work.

Just a reminder that if you haven’t already, please pay your dues for 2023! If your dues of $156 are not paid by March 1 they become delinquent, and their names read in open lodge at the March business meeting. On April 30 those members who have not paid WILL BE suspended. Your dues provide the operating capital of our Lodge and without them we cannot continue to exist. You can pay your dues online by logging onto the Lodge’s website at https://www.bellevuelodge325.org/ and then clicking on the Brethren tab and Pay Dues or send a check to Bellevue Masonic Lodge #325 1908 Franklin St Bellevue, NE 68005.

- W.B. Hal Cottrell

Activities Calendar

september, 2023

February Masonic Anniversary Dates

If you see these brothers congratulate them on their many years of service to the Fraternity.

Chester J. Finnegan
61 Years
Robert E. Fisher
56 Years
Klaus U. Schoenherr
48 Years
Robert T. Frederick
35 Years
Francis F. Pfeifer
29 Years
Michael N. Smith Jr.
19 Years
Jonathan W. Wright
13 Years
Michael J. Puskar
10 Years
William (Bill) D. Pickle
6 Years

Happy Masonic Anniversary To You All!

February Birthdays

Jack Lofgren
Hal Cottrell
Robert Truax
Mareenel Pindea
Aaron Ashby
Robert Throckmorton
Gordon Johnson
Richard Moyer
Gene Jinings
John Hart
Bob Muse

Happy Birthday To You All!