Tidings From The East

My Brothers,

I hope you and you families are well and in good spirits! Warmer weather, and opportunities to enjoy it are increasing. As a country, a community, and a lodge we are beginning to embrace new opportunities.

We have 7 Brothers who have started the Individual Proficiency class being held at Mizpah Lodge. Our Tuesday evening practice has also begun to expand into more than just questions and answers. For our new Brethren we are still going to focus the first hour on your proficiency for prove up. For our Brothers who may not have attended lodge for a while, we are always willing to help “catch you up” and have you return to lodge with us. With the Grand Masters new Titanium Trowel award there is even more reason to come back to lodge. We already have a few Brothers who have asked about and started working on the Titanium Trowel.

Brothers Jocef Hernandez and Joshua Hall have both earned Proficiency Coins for Questions and Answers! Br. Jocef for EA and Bro. Joshua for FC. Both earned coins at Br. Jocef's FC degree, Br. Joshua earned his "live" during the degree.

The Grand Lodge has provided us with some outstanding literature to help the Craft. The new Ceremonies and Floor Work manuals are updated and extremely helpful in our practice of ritual. There are some slight changes in the way we do some things, and these two manuals are extremely helpful and easy to use. I encourage you to download the new Grand Lodge “app” or visit the Grand Lodge site if you have not been lately and see all of the new tools available.

March has been a busy month for our Masonic Family, we have a new Brother who has been brought to light in Masonry, a Brother who has been made a Fellow Craft Mason and a new Master Mason has been raised and we have a "new" Brother who is joining from another jurisdiction! We also hosted the Grand Lodge School of Instruction. Before the school we had a breakfast fundraiser. We had a Masonic night at the movies, and our first “Bellevue cars and coffee at the Lodge” will be April 3rd.

Work is continuing to happen about the Lodge. If you see something that could use some improvement, please bring it up in Lodge or let Br. Mo or any of the Lodge Offices know and we will see what we can make happen. Br. Dan is already looking at the lawn with anticipation of the work he and his crew will be doing there in the coming weeks.

Athena Assembly #24 had an installation of officers on March 28th. Athena also had an initiation and did some courtesy work for a Lincoln Chapter of IORG. I am sure that Bella and her officers will have an awesome term. If you have not attended a meeting of the Athena Assembly, you should. These young ladies do some VERY nice ritual work. Athena meets the first Sunday of the month at 1400 (2PM) and all Masons (and members of Appendant bodies) are welcome to attend.

Some of you have noticed the quilt hanging in the lodge, it is a fundraiser for Alpha Chapter #325 OES. Athena Assembly also has a quilt being raffled. Please help support our Masonic family in their philanthropic efforts.

Again, be safe and I look forward to seeing you in lodge.


W.M. Bill Pickle

A Note From The Desk Of The Secretary

It is hard to believe its April already. As the weather warms up, the lodge has many fun things planned for summer activities. But remember that the officers are always looking for new ideas. If you have something in mind that you think our Masonic family would enjoy, please contact one of the lodge officers and let us know.

I am saddened by Brethren not paying their dues. The one thing I always ask an individual who are making application to join our fraternity is, why they want to become a Mason. I would ask that each and every one of you think about why you became a Mason in the first place, and hopefully if you are one of the brothers who have not pay your dues, it will inspire you to bring your dues up to date.

One of the greatest aspects of Masonry is creating meaningful, long-lasting bonds with some fantastic and worthy people. So, I encourage you to bring your dues to date, attend a lodge meeting and to get to know some of the wonderful men we have at the Bellevue Lodge. You can still pay your $156 dues online by logging onto https://www.bellevuelodge325.org/pay-dues/ or send a check to Bellevue Masonic Lodge #325 1908 Franklin St Bellevue, NE 68005.

If you have not been to lodge is awhile or need assistance getting back and forward to meetings, please contact W.M Bill. He will assign a brother to help. If you would like to volunteer to become a driver to shuttle a brother from his home and back, also please contact W.M Bill.

- W.B. Hal Cottrell

Activities Calendar

june, 2021

Masonic Anniversary Dates

If you see these brothers congratulate them on their many years of service to the Fraternity.

Gene M Jinings
62 Years
William E James
60 Years
John E Skarda
60 Years
Eric D Van Sky
31 Years
David M Stuart
25 Years
Thomas F Yoder
15 Years
Mark A Tomasello
11 Years
Louis (Chip) F Davis
8 Years
Alan V Boulter
7 Years
Robert W.V Boulter
7 Years
Kay J Vavra
7 Years
Tracy A McClarnon
2 Years

Happy Masonic Anniversary To You All!

April Birthdays

Myron Bell Sr.
Nic Holcomb
Gerald McKay
Sage Faust
Tom Plambeck
Robert Brown
Taylor Parrott
Daniel Hatcher
Eric Van Sky
John Skarda

Happy Birthday To You All!