MVP Award

2022 - Bellevue Lodge 325 - First Place

2023 - Bellevue Lodge 325 - Second Place

Rock Maul Award Recipient - Large Lodge

2018 - Bellevue Lodge 325

2019 - Bellevue Lodge 325

2020 - Bellevue Lodge 325

2021 - Bellevue Lodge 325

The Rock Maul Award is bestowed by the Grand Master, upon the recommendation of the Grand Lodge Awards Committee, to a large lodge and a small lodge whose works represent the best well-rounded large and small lodges in Nebraska.

Pillar Award Recipient

2020 - Bellevue Lodge 325

2021 - Bellevue Lodge 325

The Nebraska Pillar Award recognizes lodges that perform the required activities, which can result in a successful year, a stronger lodge and a fulfilling experience for members.

Grand Master’s Leadership Award Recipient

2021 - W.B. Kyle Beckner

The Grand Master’s Leadership Award recognizes Masters who perform required activities during the year, which will help to activate your lodge, create interest in members and increase awareness in your community.

Grand Master’s Master of the Year Award Recipient

2017 - W.B. Hal Cottrell

2021 - W.B. Kyle Beckner

The Grand Master’s Master of the Year Award recognizes a Worshipful Master who performs all required activities which can lead to a successful year as Worshipful Master.

Artificer Award Recipient

2014 - Br. Kyle Beckner

2015 - Br. Ryan Brulinski

20?? - Br. Bobby Lingerfelt

2018 - Br. Bill Pickle

2020 - Br. Dan Alati

2021 - Br. Tracy McClarnon

2022 - Br. Koko Sessou

Awarded to new Master Masons who meet requirements outlined on the application. These requirements are meant to be a springboard for newly raised Brothers to become actively engaged in Nebraska Masonry.

Individual Proficiency Certification Recipient

M.W.B Jim Carlton

W.B. Bill Pickle

W.B. Hal Cottrell

W.B. John Sheffield

Br. Dan Alati

Br. Dick Nieman

The Individual Proficiency Class seeks to provide motivation, structure, and assistance to Nebraska Masons wanting to learn and perfect our Masonic Ritual. By the end of the annual class, graduates will:

  • Be able to perform all esoteric Nebraska Masonic Ritual
  • Learn to overcome fear of public speaking and giving lectures in front of others
  • Be able to help their own and other lodges provide and perform quality Masonic Ritual
  • Become certified Individually Proficient by the Grand Custodian
  • Be among less than one half of one percent of Nebraska Masons who are certified
  • Be eligible to apply for the position of Deputy Grand Custodian
  • Be able to contribute to the perpetual existence and improvement of Nebraska Masonry