Tidings From The East

Oh, how time is flying gentlemen! I hope this time of the year brings you renewed energy from the winter blues, and that you get a chance to enjoy the spring weather. We are extremely busy in the lodge with welcoming Dylan Tardif, continuing the journey of Br. Gustavo Dimayuga, and raising Br. Tracy McClarnon to a Master Mason. A special recognition to Br. Tracy McClarnon who received the Grand Master’s coins for his proficiency in his EA & FC questions and answers. He has also taken the task of presenting his skills as a Fellow Craft, doing the Q and A portion of the FC Degree.

We will have a possible outing in May so please be on the lookout for that. We will also be starting up the Farmers Market. W.B. Myron Bell, Sr. and crew will be needing help preparing burritos, and manning the tent at the market. If you have questions see W.M. Myron Bell, Jr., or any other lodge officers for details.

Some food for thought as the weather gets nicer and will promote us to want to be outdoors. I would like us to think about doing a small beautification project to change the curb appeal of the lodge.

Upcoming events that are happening are, the Farmers Market, Omaha Beef Football game, Storm Chaser game, July 4th Flag raising, A2A parade, and a few dinners. Please feel free to join us, families and all. Any questions please contact W.M. Myron Bell, Jr. or W.B. Hal Cottrell.

– W.M. Myron Bell, Jr.